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Last week our own Tommy Alverson taped an episode of The Texas Music Scene with Ray Benson. Here’s what TA had to say about it:

Man, taping the Texas Music Scene was one of the coolest things I’ve done in
a long time. We taped two songs, Texas One More Time and Texas Woman. Made
about 3 passes through on each one and then did about a 30 minute interview
at the end. It should air sometime after the first of the year. We’re really
excited about it. The band, Jerry Abrams, Ray Austin, Brad Harper and Dirt
Stinnett and I did the best we could! Thanks to Dirt for filling in for
Thurston who was in Germany on business and couldn’t make it. Thanks to John
Muzyka for hooking the whole thing up and making it easy for us. Can’t wait
to see it cuz the show really comes across slick on TV. And there’s even
talk of it going to a major network, so no telling what channel we’ll be on
when it comes out in 2011. The crew was very easy to work with and just a
real treat!

So check out the Texas Music Scene Website and their Facebook page and look for Tommy in your living room soon!

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