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Blue Boot Records is the culmination of an idea, a thought, a dream that Mattie and I began to form back in the late 90’s one afternoon in the Beer Garden of the White Elephant Saloon. We heard this incredible voice booming out into the street and we saw and heard Brad Hines for the very first time. Brad was our introduction to Texas Music or Americana or whatever you want to call this wonderful music. We found a whole new world of music that was so great we couldn’t understand why these guys weren’t giant superstars. So we set out to try and help in whatever way we could to spread the word about this incredible music.

The journey has been filled with great people, great music and great artists. I certainly can’t name everyone, but there are a few that definitely need to be mentioned. People like Clark and Marti Perkins whose unwavering support of this music and these artists is unmatched. Incredible characters along the way like Crockett Keller, Bill Worrell and Cousin Ricky have made this a very fun ride. All of these people have influenced and helped to shape what has now become Blue Boot Records.

But it is the unbelievable talent of the artists that really drives this whole thing. These guys have a voice and it needs to be heard and supported. Brad Hines started it all for Mattie and me and then we met great talents like Walt Wilkins who is an absolute genius. The Mystiqueros – Ray, Johnny and Bill may be the finest gathering of talent ever assembled. Crazy Uncle Mertis is as badass as it gets with a guitar. The legendary Tommy Alverson, Sam Baker, Jimmy Davis, Davis Raines, Brian Langlinais and the list goes on and on all contributed to our path. It is the talent and influences of these incredible artists and many others that led us to want to be a least a small part of it all.

John Meacham Owner & Founder

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